vivo S17 | Final Frontier

Final Frontier

Final Frontier created the launch film for the vivo S17 device, with a focus on the phone’s White Jade-textured exterior.

On the Brief, Final Frontier executive creative director Claus Cibils:

It was a tough cookie. Vivo wanted something new and unseen presented as a piece of visual poetry, while showcasing their product’s unique attributes, all in a 45-second, product-centric commercial.

In terms of visual direction, they were looking to develop the energy, feel, and perception of White Jade, and explore the action of deconstruction.

Conceptually they gave us three key pillars, ‘Technology’, ‘Humanity’, and ‘Premium’, that needed to be broken down into an array of sensations. On top of that, they wanted the spot to feel young, chic and alive.

The client had an idea that they were very keen on. It took time to explore, hone in on that vision, and develop an approach that would live up to it. The expectations were very high and our wiggle room was tight but, as they say, limitations open the space for talent to flourish.


White jade is highly prized for its pure, translucent appearance and has been crafted into jewellery and decorative art for centuries.

Inspired by the precious stone’s associations with clarity and serenity, the film deconstructs and reconstructs the phone into translucent geometrical configurations and layers.

Dynamic lighting, angles, and close-up shots entice the viewer to reach out and touch the surface of the device. The music, by Final Frontier’s in-house composer, Facundo Capece, brings notes of Chinese instrumentation to the piece.

Claus Cibils:

The visual approach was anchored on creating a choreography between deconstruction and construction that played seamlessly within an all-white and almost perfectly pure environment. The storytelling seamlessly interweaves visual poetry with a subtle yet effective showcase of the vivo S17’s technical attributes.

We were inspired by geometry and the idea of reinterpreting elements. Much like a precisely crafted art installation, we wanted to deconstruct the white jade and guide the viewer through seemingly chaotic compositions that were balanced by the beauty of the frames. Ultimately, we sought to generate a pleasing sensorial experience.

Combining, compressing, and structuring all the visual allure with the hard-sell benefits of the product in a 45-sec spot was a challenge. At the same time, there is so much simultaneously at play in CG for mobile: textures, materials, light, glass, metal, mechanics, and tech, not to mention a white cell phone in a clean white environment.

But we relished the challenge and ended up with a phenomenal film filled with marvellous, stellar moments. It’s a beautiful piece.