Siddhartha Valluri | Existence

Siddhartha Valluri

From the creator:

Welcome to the world of Existence ! This short film is by far the biggest task I have undertaken and also marks my directorial debut. Something I hope will lead to many more such creations. Around 1 and a half years back I realised that just painting cool concepts was not going to be enough to satisfy my creative ambitions and so I started working on an idea to create my debut short film. This film would draw a lot of inspiration from the ideas I had as a student of architecture. Back then these ideas were still raw and lacked a clear focus and vision but those ideas served as a great starting point for me to develop this film.

I was able to use that as an inspiration and push it as far as I could to create a visual narrative encapsulating the journey of creation. The creation of an idea, right from its inception to its final manifestation as a monumental structure. A testament to the lifelong pursuit of creation.

That would not have been possible without the help of some amazing friends who have contributed immensely with their expertise and brought skills to the table that only they uniquely had the ability to execute. All the collaborators on the film are friends of mine whom I know and it makes me very happy to see them all collaborate and come together on this project and grow their own skills while contributing to a larger vision.


Director, CGI, Edit : Siddhartha Valluri
Score and Sound Design : Ken Seng Thoumoung & Ranit Kumar Mandal
Sound Mixing and Mastering : Ranit Kumar Mandal
Motion Design (Interface Design) : Akshay Tiwari
3D Artist (Interiors and Lookdev) : Luis Lisandro Alves
3D Artist (Facade Design) : Cephas Bhaskar


Special Thanks

Tadao Ando, Ash Thorp, Maciej Kuciara, Erik Egerup, Chris Do, Ian Hubert, Andrew Price, Gleb Alexandrov, Learnsquared, HDRI Haven, Quixel Megascans, Lens Distortions


Blender, DaVinci Resolve, Zbrush, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Marvelous Designer, Fusion 360