Stories for Life

Myth Studio

From the creator:

Stories are powerful technologies.

Stories are the coding that shape what we believe, what we choose, who we are – how we think, feel and act everyday.

They shape our understanding of the world and the way we act in it, so stories shape the world itself.

The stories we choose to live by everyday weave the cultural narratives which inform the design of the human systems we create and how we organise ourselves on our home planet.

Like our economies.


Stories for Life was born at the start of 2021, a playbook of sorts, an offering for anyone working with story who is seeking to use their gifts to help accelerate the redesign of our economic systems so that they nurture a more beautiful, life-sustaining world.

An Economy in service to life.

Currently online at, it weaves the work, thinking and ideas of many humans, ancient and modern.

Stories for Life proposes two key story evolutions in our modern cultural narratives to help accelerate the redesign of our now destructive industrial economies.

The story of our relationship with nature and the story of how we measure success.

This Animation

This 3 minute journey seeks to reveal these two now destructive stories and invites us to play with evolving these stories in our own work and lives.

Written by Dan Burgess and Paddy Loughman with Myth Studio, Animation Director James Finlay, Lead Animator Jono Kamester. Voice by Orchideh Vishkaiy, Music and Sound by James Jackman. Original Stories for Life graphics by Loz Ives. Produced by The Spaceship Earth.

Stories for Life is an open inquiry exploring the role of stories in helping shape a more beautiful, life sustaining world. Kickstarted by The SpaceShip Earth, Green Economy Coalition and The Wellbeing Economy Alliance.


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