ARISU | The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Main Title Sequence

Arisu Kashiwagi

From the creator:

We were given the opportunity to direct and produce the main title sequence for The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, a limited series on Apple TV+. Based on the acclaimed mystery novel by best-selling author Walter Mosley, the series stars Samuel L. Jackson as Ptolemy Grey, a 91 year old man who suffers from dementia and temporarily regains his memories through an experimental drug in order to solve the murder of his great-grandnephew. Inspired by the idea of memories as noisy secrets locked behind a door, we envisioned this title sequence as an illustrated journey inside Ptolemy’s chaotic mind where fragments of his memories are rendered as unfinished sketches. Agitated, rough charcoal strokes reveal pieces of the image, whether it is something based in reality or one of his dreamy visions. These sketches oscillate between lucidity and ambiguity as certain areas are missing or effaced as if drawn by a delirious hand that wants to understand reality.

Design Studio: ARISU
Creative Director + Lead Designer: Arisu Kashiwagi
Illustrators: Riad, Thomas Cian, Arisu Kashiwagi
Producer: Anna Kim
Animation Studio: R79 Digital
Animation Director + Lead Animator: Eric Demeusy
3D Animator: Bhakti Patel
Cel Animators: Mikhail Pakhomov, Stephanie Simpson
Animator: Cody Courmier
Editor: Rachel Ambelang
R79 Digital Producer: Dmitry Fitisov
Composer: Craig DeLeon