Straight White Men

Sophie Koko Gate

Animation can be a very powerful means of communicating, whether it be selling a product, telling a story or delivering a message. These messages can be informative, empowering and at times divisive. In this case, we have a bold and potentially polarizing statement that is wrapped in an unexpectedly cute and contradictory layer of animation. Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum in regards to the messaging behind this film what it does well is use animation as a means of communicating and starting a conversation.

From the creator:

Lena Dunham jokingly asked her father how he felt about the extinction of white men, but his answer was no joke.
Posted on her Instagram @lenadunham

Director : Sophie Koko Gate
Animation : Sophie Koko Gate, Iris Abols
Sound : Skillbard
Voices : Lena Dunham, Carroll Dunham