The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks


From the creator:

Throughout her life, Rosa Parks repeatedly challenged racial violence and the prejudiced systems protecting its perpetrators. But this work came at an enormous risk – and a personal price.
Full project -

Creative Director - Joash Berkeley
Art Director - Harol Bustos
Designers - Harol Bustos, Rommel Ruiz, Felipe Vargas, Federico Epis, Joash Berkeley.
Animators - Chris Saez, Seongjin Yoon, Reece Parker, Manuel Neto, José Manuel Peña, Felipe Vargas, Joash Berkeley.
Music & Sound - John Poon
Additional music - Alphonso Horne, Josh Cole, Todd Pentney, Daniel Kluger.

Educator Riche Richardson
Director Joash Berkeley
Narrator Christina Greer
Director of Production Gerta Xhelo
Editorial Producer Alex Rosenthal
Producer Bethany Cutmore-Scott
Associate Editorial Producer Dan Kwartler
Script Editor Iseult Gillespie
Fact-checker Joseph Isaac