The New Yorker – Can Drugs Take The Place of Religion?

MUCH Creative

From the creator:

A new brand campaign for The New Yorker; “The Right Question Changes Everything.” The campaign celebrates some of the most important New Yorker articles and boils them down to their central questions, to celebrate the breadth of topics tackled by the publication, provoke curiosity, and introduce this essential writing to a new generation of readers.
COLLAB with CNX, Shawna X, and Pablo Lozano - this team paired the stunning imagery of ShawnaX with the eye popping story by Jia Tolentino; “Losing Religion and Finding Ecstasy in Houston". Building a bright and powerful journey of bold imagery and trippy movement. Sound on, lean in.

Client @newyorkermag
Agency CNX, @cnxcondenast
Agency Producer Jenni Schalk, @laschalker
Writer Jia Tolentino, @jiatortellini
Director Shawna X, @shawnax
Lead Designer Shawna X, @shawnax
Lead Animator Pablo Lozano, @Pablo_lozano_
Producer Matthew LeBaron, @muchpresents
Animators Romain Loubersanes, @romainloubersanes & Mathijs Luijten, @mathijsluijten