The Story of Coffee



Executive Creative Director: Luke Heise
Creative Director: Moises Arancibia
Executive Producer: Ricardo Gonzalez
Production Coordinator: Marcel Lagos
Script Writer: Jon Hofferman
Storyboard: Moises Arancibia
Design: Felipe Vargas, Harol Bustos
Animation: Bernardita Bruner, Marcelo Medel, Francisco Castro, Patricio Molina, Barbara Espinoza, Felipe Vargas.
Voice Over: Silas Lekgoathi
Music & Sound Design: Aimar Molero

From the creator:

When we set out to produce our first passion project in almost a decade, we had a few things working in our favour. For one, it’s a film about coffee and who doesn’t like coffee right?

Secondly, it was a great opportunity to flex our creative muscles and really show off what we can do. And lastly, there’s of course the dancing goats. Need we say more?

Actually, we didn’t know about the goats when we started. But we knew that we wanted to produce a project on something we’re passionate about (coffee) and we wanted do it at our own pace with complete creative freedom.

And when we found out about the goats, we knew there was no turning back.