“There is Always a Way”

Dennis Hoogstad

From the creator:

A little fellow on a big adventure!

Sometimes you have a problem that seems impossible to solve. You think you've exhausted every possible way, and are ready to give up.

'There is Always a Way' is a personal project where I experiment with a metaphorically driven storyline about a circle that looks for the "out of the box" solutions to get out of a tight spot. Whether its going with the flow, or asking for help... the little circle shows us all that giving up should never be an option.

Curious on the meaning of each metaphor? Feel free to have a look on my website to see every scene explained.

Script, Design and Animation
Dennis Hoogstad - www.dennishoogstad.nl

Music and Sound Design
Antfood - www.antfood.com

Creative Development Producer
Kristin Labriola (Hornet Inc) - www.hornetinc.com