Wizz / Quad Group | Orelsan – The Quest


Victor Haegelin aka @patagraph is back again with this new music video for the French rapper Orelsan. We are very proud of this collaboration!

A few words from Victor:

“I was very flattered, when Orelsan asked me to direct the video for “La Quête.” It’s exciting to mix live action and stop motion, and I was very touched by the lyrics in the song.”

“Knowing that Orelsan is a fan of animation, I thought it would be fun to put him in the shoes of an acutal stop motion animator, and let him tell his own story with clay characters. Orelsan enthusiastically played along, and I think he might have a real talent for animation! I wouldn’t be surprised if he was approached by a big stop motion studio in the future.”


Label: 3ème Bureau, Wagram Stories
Label director: Pierre-Olivier Toublanc, Gabriel Korda
Music: Skread and Phazzmusic
Song by Orelsan.
Director: Victor Haegelin
DOP: Jérémy Lesquenner
Production: Wizz / Quad Group
Producer: Amanda Stubbs
Line Producer: Claudia Traeger
Post production manager: Nataly Aveillan
1st Ass Cam: Alexandre Szabo-Fresnais
2nd cam: Kevin Rolland
Chief Electro: Rémi Brissaud
Head of Deco: Stivet Geraldine
1st Deco Assistant: Bertrand Leclerc
2nd assistant decorator: Tifenn Danion
3rd ass deco : Virgile Jardin
3rd deco assistant : Charlotte Guiard Mouquet
Production assistant: Elina Granjon
Stage Manager: Thomas Samoun
Chief MakeUp: Chloé Paccard
Head Hairstylist: Elodie Hue
Chief Model Making / Art Director: Coralli Grieu
Set Design: Florentin Bougot, Julie Chapallaz, Maude Gallon
Props: Thomas Gebczynski, Alexandra Malcouronne, Stéphane Viola
2D Animator: Hugo Cierzniak
Patamo Modelers: Ivan Terpigorev, Paul Mas, Lou Beauchard
Stage Manager: Julie Drareni
Interns : Bertille David, Elona Bellaiche
Post Production: Fix Studio VFX
Editor: Emma Robin
Calibrator: Quentin Remy
VFX Supervisor: Mathieu Caulet
Lead Flame Artist: Anne Georges
Compositors: Benjamin Laborde, Ewald Aloeboetoe , François Poupon, Aymeric Rochas
Post Producer : Sabine Brillet