Woodblock | Lenovo Yoga

Felix Deimann

Woodblock Design is coming up with new ways to show how Lenovo Yoga devices help professionals in interdisciplinary fields to work more imaginatively and artistically.

We tailor each piece to be the transcribed visual extension of what a client wants to communicate. And in this case, a cascade of variety, both in style and technique is what gets the point across.

For this concept from DBP, we conceived “interdisciplinarity” as a maelstrom of carnivorous plants, 2D animated “Notmouses”, futuristic drums, floating sound sculptures, a reactive graphical user interface and a slushie made of recycled computer parts.

Quite a range of ingredients. Combine that with an array of different animation techniques, and you keep a team happy and busy, engaged to flex all sorts of artistic muscles. And it shows.



Client: Lenovo

Agency: Design Bridge and Partners

Design and Animation Studio: Woodblock
CD: Felix Deimann
Lead: Paul Schicketanz, Helen Choi, Alex Dietrich
Storyboard: Kim Nguyen
3D Previz: Alex Dietrich, Felix Deimann
Illustration and Character Designs: Kim Nguyen, Alex Dietrich, Léna Vanheege, Sophie Rekasowski
RnD and Lookdev: Ioannis Kaltirimtzis, Markus Eschrich, Heiko Schneck, Pit Pross
2D Animation: Kim Nguyen, Alex Dietrich, Léna Vanheege, Lea Hirt Bruun
3D Animation: Alex Dietrich, Felix Deimann
Mograph: Henning Herholz, Ben Broschinski

Lighting: Ioannis Kaltirimtzis, Markus Eschrich, Sophie Rekasowski, Heiko Schneck, Paul Schicketanz
FX: Pit Pross
Comp: Thorsten Löffler, Paul Schicketanz
Cutdowns: Thorsten Löffler
EP: Ilija Brunck
Producer: Caolan Flood, Chan Zehetmeier