Yeti Pictures | “MINIWOOD”


As always, Yeti Pictures loves to create personal projects, in order to sharpen team skills and explore new creative paths. This time we came up with the idea to re-create some of our favourite Hollywood movies into mini world setups and environments. Beyond that we also wanted to design all the 3d characters, based on the toy action figures, with whom we used to play as childrens.

Our main challenge was to build these iconic worlds, so they look stylized but also bring you in mind the actual movies shots. Also te rigging of the characters was a bit tricky due to their stylized geometry, but adding that posterize timing in their movement helped a lot to make them feel like toys.

Finally, we worked along with Rabbeats Music Studio, in order to create an appropriate music track and sound design that would perfectly match with the
visual narration. We wanted each scene to have a music theme inspired by the movie atmosphere and original score, without getting close to the original
due to copyrights.

Team projects are what makes Yeti moving forward and keep our passion for animation alive!!


Production: Yeti Pictures
Direction: Tony Zagoraios
3D Design, Animation : Marios Tsaousis, Pantelis Tsiachris, Vasiliki Evangelopoulou, Argyris Nochos
3D Characters Modelling: Elena Izanami
3D Characters Animation: Aimilia Katsikerou, Dimitris Dagdilellis
Houdini Simulations: Stavros Sofianos
Music: Stratos Diamantis
Sound Design By Rabbeats: Stefanos Douvitsas, Kostas Gerolimos

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