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Connection and interaction make our reality possible — smaller parts are building bigger structures, and this potential to unite and bring something new and more complex to life is present at every scale. Due to serendipitous links, things bigger than a sum of their parts appear — from atoms and cells, life and mind emerged, made possible by the ability of elements to communicate through synapses, membranes, and receptors.

Connections was initiated by Media.Work design studio as a project exploring collaboration between people as a connective tissue of our social dimensions and a power that creates a special space filled with curiosity, openness, and inspiration. A dialogue between people is a gate that opens into the celebrated state of Flow, where ideas collide and transform, resulting in deeper revelations than achieved by a single person.

The project is connecting the worlds of simplistic 2D animation and 3D graphics. At first, the theme of connections and interactions was explored by a group of 2D animators, who found the animation core of the project during the extensive RnD process. Then, the selected directions were treated by 3D designers who turned two-dimensional stories into a series of 3D films.

Media.Work is a motion design studio exploring the future of visual media — in collaborations with ambitious organizations and independently. Working on visuals for global campaigns of Nike, Microsoft, PlayStation, BMW, IKEA, Volvo, Chanel and others, Media.Work has been challenging the habitual tropes of motion design since 2019. The studio is based in Los Angeles


Creative Direction: Maxim Zhestkov
Art Direction: Vladimir Zhirnov
3D Design and Animation: Vladimir Zhirnov, Vladimir Marychev, Anastasia Podkorytova, Maxim Tleubaev
2D Design and Animation: Maxim Tleubaev, Lora Buchatskaia, Alexey Rovkov
Graphic Design: Anastasia Suryaninova
Sound: Artyom Markaryan
Producer, Copywriting: Anna Gulyaeva

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