You and Me Makes Us | Histeria!


Histeria! Studio collaborated with Riot Forge to bring us this visual marvel and create a music video for the super sweet “You and Me Makes Us” song by Deegan to promote the launch of the game Song of Nunu.

Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story is a single-player story adventure developed by Tequila Works. Dive headfirst into an immersive narrative set in the undiscovered reaches of the Freljord, where every snowy step brings you closer to the truth about Nunu and Willump’s past.

Histeria! used Blender from layout to lookdev, grooming, FX, lighting, and rendering with Cycles. We also have a section with a 2D visual style that had to fit perfectly with the fully rendered 3D world.

The colors, music, and story made this video a perfect combination that produces tenderness in the viewer, immersing us in the tale of these two friends and inviting us to join this adventure


From the creator:

Every adventure is better with a friend! And once more, we collaborated with Riot Forge to shake off some snow and make a music video for the super sweet “You and Me Makes Us” by Deegan, that captures Nunu and Willump’s heartwarming friendship as they travel through the magical and beautiful scenery of Freljord.

Since you can’t be a hero without a song, we set out on our own journey, using Blender from layout to lookdev, grooming, FX, lighting and rendering with Cycles. Just to make things easier, we also developed a second, 2D visual style that had to fit perfectly with the fully rendered 3D world, which we honestly think it did pretty well. So make room for the yeti and enjoy!

You and me makes us
Music video

Client: Riot Forge and Tequila Works
Game: Song of Nunu
Clients: Drew Stauffer, Steve Winsett, Liam Neary

Produced by Histeria! Studio
Director: Jan Xavier
Story by: Drew Stauffer and Jan Xavier
Executive Producer: Marcelo Moreno
Producers: Lívia Quintanilha, Marcelo Moreno
Production Assistance: Ana Paula Godoy
Social Media: Sibelle Lobo

Art Directors: Victor Tchaba and Igor Muniz
Concept Art: Victor Tchaba, Hiro Kawahara, Jeff Biglia
Storyboard/Animatic: Mateus Carvalho
Colorscript: Victor Tchaba
Art Supervisor: Victor Tchaba and Hiro Kawahara
Backgrounds: Jéssica Brasil, Malu Menezes, Mateus Carvalho, Ton Presley, Vinícius Domingues
Character Design (inspired by Riot): Victor Tchaba, Hiro Kawahara, Jéssica Brasil, Malu Menezes, Ton Presley, Vinícius Domingues
Graphic Design: Victor Tchaba
StyleFrames: Gabriel dos Anjos, Jéssica Brasil, Malu Menezes, Ton Presley, Vinícius Domingues

Original 3D Models by: Riot Games
CGI Direction: Igor Muniz
Additional Modeling: Bruce Lima, Cláudio Marques, Igor Muniz, Jhassy Bispo
Rigging: Glauber belo
Simulation: Gabriel Reid, Igor Muniz, Cláudio Marques
Character Lookdev: Felipe Del Rio, Igor Muniz
Grooming: Felipe Del Rio, Igor Muniz
Environment: Cláudio Marques, Jhassy Bispo, Felipe Del Rio, Igor Muniz
Scene Assembly: Igor Muniz, Murillo Cunha
Lookdev/Lighting: Cláudio Marques, Davi Lacerda, Felipe Del Rio, Igor Muniz, Jhassy Bispo
Matte Painting: Gabriel do Anjos

Animation Director: Jan Xavier
Animation Supervisors: Breno Licursi and Felipe Simões
2D Animators: Árthemis Iannuzzi, Breno Licursi, Gabriel Chagas, Gian Burani, Jeff Lima, Paulo Pássaro, Robson Vilalba, Thiago Geremias, Viviane Guimarães
Cleanup/color: Ana Gonçalves, Carolina Batista, Denis Bargos, Francine Gonzales, Julia Balthazar, Lucas Batalha, Mila Queiroz, Paulo Pássaro, Shuggie Laufquen, Viviane Guimarães
Background animation: Gabriela Zaneti, Vinicius Ricardo
2D VFX: Breno Licursi, Grapegum Squad: Pola Lucas, André Camillo, Alexandre Barreto, Bruno Curcino, Fernando Rangel, Thalyne Mattos, Vinicius Ricardo
3D Layout: Jan Xavier
3D Animators: Bruna Berford, Bruna Camporezi Lopes, Fábio Pugliese, Felipe Simões, João Paulo Buosi, Jonathan Bento, Marcos Elias, Ronaldo Brito
3D VFX: Renato Montoro, Samantha Oda, Vinicius Ricardo

Editing: Jan Xavier and Renato Montoro
Post-Production Direction: Gabriela Zaneti and Renato Montoro
2D Compositing: Gabriela Zaneti, Vinicius Ricardo
3D Compositing: Renato Montoro, Hugo Dionisi, Samantha Oda
Color Grading: Lucas Campos

Artist: DEEGAN
Composers: Zack Ely, Steve Pagano, Deegan Reeves
Lyricists: Deegan Reeves
Publishers: Co-published by Riot and The Hit House Global Publishing BMI
Primary Vocalist: DEEGAN
Producers: Zack Ely, Steve Pagano, The Hit House
Mixed by Jeff Kanan at Consonance Productions
Mastered by Jonny Altepeter