Yule Log 2016

Yule Log 2.0

The film above, created by Art & Graft, was one of dozens created for Yule Log 2.0, a collection of short films by various animation artists that are bringing the Yule Log tradition into the digital age.



Yule Log received nearly 1,000 applications to participate. Yule Log’s jury, consisting of Michelle Higa Fox, Justin Cone, and Jorge R. Canedo, whittled that application pool down to roughly 50 participants.

This year, Yule Log is raising funds to support C/I in the Bronx, NY, helping underserved kids learn about technology and coding. Yule Log has raised nearly $4,500 pre-launch. Further donations can be made via CrowdRise.

Selected Logs

By Björn Johansson, Philip Engström, Neil Verhavert

By Erin Kilkenny

By Daniel Savage


Created by Daniel Savage
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Music: Friendship Park
About page illustrations by Parallel Teeth
Jury: Michelle Higa Fox, Justin Cone, Jorge R. Canedo

Contributors (in no particular order)

Evan Anthony / https://evananthony.com/
Min Liu / min-liu.com
Alessandro Novelli / https://www.instagram.com/alessandro_dettori_novelli/
Kouhei Nakama / https://kouheinakama.com/
Animade / www.animade.tv
Henrique Barone / www.henriquebarone.com
Hayley Morris / www.shapeandshadow.com
Mary Jo Cahilly-Bretzin / https://www.instagram.com/memjams/
Randy Bretzin / https://www.instagram.com/rndy_b/
Pedro Piccinini / https://www.eolobo.com
Ori Toor / oritoor.com
Chris Anderson / anderson.tv
Sean McClintock / https://seanmcclintock.tv/
Tom Bunker / www.tombunker.co
And/Or: www.and-or.co
Kelli Miller, Kendra Eash, Olga Povarchuk
Lou Papa / www.loupapa.com
Kris Merc / krismerc.tv
Dennis Moran / https://www.dennismoran.xyz/
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Björn Johansson / brikk.se
Philip Engström / brikk.se
Neil Verhavert / brikk.se
Oddfellows / www.oddfellows.tv
Aran Quinn / https://aranquinn.com/
Erin Kilkenny / www.erinkilkenny.com
Gentleman Scholar / www.gentlemanscholar.com
Juan Behrens / juanbehrens.com
Jorge R. Canedo Estrada / https://jrcanest.co
Claudio Salas / https://www.claudiosalas.com
Wednesday / www.wearewednesday.com
Bee Grandinetti / www.beegrandinetti.com
Matt Smithson / www.manvsmagnet.com
Karina Posborg / https://karportblog.tumblr.com/
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Slanted Studios / https://slanted.studio/
Chris Phillips / www.phibs.tv
Veronyka Jelinek / cargocollective.com/veronyka
Tim Garbos / twitter.com/timgarbos
CLICK THE YULE LOG at / triband.net/yulelog
Rafael Mayani / www.rafaelmayani.com
Conor Whelan / www.conorwhelandesign.com
Stephanie Swart / www.stephanieswart.com
Connie Van / https://connievan.com
Jack Maschka / https://jackmaschka.com
dylan carter / https://vimeo.com/dylcar
erich reimers / https://www.instagram.com/erichjreimers/
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Joe Ball / getjoeball.com
Claire Kang / https://www.clairekang.com
Denny Khurniawan / denny-khurniawan.com
Daniel Savage / https://somethingsavage.com

From the creator:


By: Art&Graft