Dark Matters: Daemon

Anthony McCall meets Kijek/Adamski in this awesome analog music video for Kenton Slash Demon’s Deamon by Dark Matters (found at Yes Yes Y’all)
David Lynch I Know


Fan-made music promo for David Lynch’s ‘I Know’, created by Shellbooknational; three young London-based directors; Chris Lee, Sam Pilling, and Paul Storrie

Luv Deluxe

24-year-old director Saman Keshavarz has had a lot of success with first times. After scoring big time (YDA, Clio, Emmy) for his apparently first commercial… Read more

Impactist – Last Heist EP

Impactist – Last Heist EP is a new album from the Portland duo. They created four uniquely genuine short animations for each of the tracks,… Read more

Bill Sneed for Outside Royalty

It’s always pretty impressive when we come across a piece of work that was pretty much single-handedly done by one artist, and done very well.… Read more

Gently Gently by Salazar

Gently Gently by Salazar is an atmospheric music video with great restraint and beautiful construction.