Céline Desrumaux: Countdown

Countdown is a short movie/music video based on the music of Apparat. Directed, designed, animated and composed by Céline Desrumaux.

Editor’s note: Countdown was originally posted as a Quickie, but it has been upgraded to a full post.

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must have been a lot of work for one person…

result is great!

Groovy Sushi

thank you!
I began a bit more than two years ago!
I did everything on my free time :)

Groovy Sushi

thank you!
I began a bit more than two years ago!
I did everything on my free time :)

Matt Darnall

The best thing I’ve seen on this website in a long time in my opinion. Gorgeous work. 

Is there any 3d in this? Also how did you go about making it look time lapse on the hero shot in the thumbnail?

Filipe Carvalho

really good, well done!

Brian Gossett

Celine, you should be very proud of this. Truly inspiring. Love it.

Brian Gossett

Celine, you should be very proud of this. Truly inspiring. Love it.


Just amazing! It’s become a cliché for people to say how music videos aren’t what they were. And certainly the early 2000s Shynola hey day departed with the plummeting music promo budgets. So I think nowadays, to create something truly brilliant it has to be a labour of love, which this promo undeniably is. 2 years in the making and from the results it was undeniably worth it. Congratulations.

Joan Pla

How long did it take for you to do all this?

Andrew Griff Griffin

Stunning work, as ever, from Celine – but this really is something else. Awesome.

Evan Anthony

This is just so phenomenal. A masterwork. It’d be amazing to see bit more background about the project / process if it exists! 

Stephen Fitz

Three cheers for the craft!


Thank you for this piece of love to MG.

Alexis Smith

Well done but doesn’t really get me going. I do enjoy smaller details of the work though.

David J Gaitan

Theres nothing in this piece that I don’t love. The design and animation are fantastic, space and space travel is something I’m very interested in and after watching this, I had to go buy that album from Apparat. 

Awesome work

Groovy Sushi

Thank you everybody!
It’s really motivating to hear such comments!

For people who are interested in the technic part :
Most of the video was done in 2D.
I drew in photoshop and animate everything in after effects. For the timelapse sequence i use a bit of 3D. I did the modeling of the rocket and the launch pad (as i drew it in photoshop), i lighted it and get the shadow pass. Then i came back to after effects, used my 2d background and the 3d shadow pass on it. I’ve also use the 3d for some shot of the rocket, in order to give some volume or make the rocket turn on itself. I did a camera mapping of my illustration on the rocket to keep the illustration look.
For the animation character, it’s 2d flash animation.
And finally, all the particles for fire and smoke have been done with particular :) (from the beginning i wanted to have graphic circles for the smoke)

The most difficult part over those two years, was to keep the minimalistic and illustrative look i had at the beginning.
I really took it as an exercice to focus on  colours, composition of the image and also to make the image dynamic even if it’s just an illustration. We can always find a way to make it alive!
And it was such a pleasur to work on this music, i really thank apparat for letting me use the music !


I love this! Great stuff. Hope we get to see the sequel of them landing on Mars.

I shared the link on my Facebook page – hope you get lots of attention, you deserve it.

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