Keith Loutit for All State

Whitehouse’s Marc Langley and Partizan director Keith Loutit bring his signature tilt-shift/ time-lapse technique mainstream in All State’s ad, “Multiples”. Kudos to director and client for… Read more

Andy George: Mini-apolis

Art Institute Minnesota student Andy George puts his spin on the tilt-shift technique with “Mini-apolis”.

Upper First and Keith Loutit: Colorama

Another fine example of collaboration: Upper First taps Keith Loutit to create more tilt-shift beauty for Colorama and agency McCann Malmö

Keith Loutit’s “Metal Heart”

Keith Loutit’s “Metal Heart”. Masterful tilt-shift/ time lapse technique with monster trucks. If you were ever 8, played with toys, or love photography, this will make… Read more