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Stardust Profile on Apple.com

While it’s not exactly news, Stardust is featured on the Apple Pro website. Interestingly, a lot of the article reveals the way Stardust pre-visualizes a project and carries through. And for those turbo nerds that read motionographer check out the tools they use… Ooooh specs!

Posted on 30 June 2006 |

10 thoughts on “Stardust Profile on Apple.com

  1. really cool article. great to see the way these guys work! What can I do to get a job there!!!

  2. Touching story but kinda pointless. Creativity, knowledge and skill is what counts, not your computer.

  3. well it is on the Apple web site so they have to talk about the computing side of things.
    Stardust’s work speaks for itself.

  4. True, they are very talented and their work does speak for itself. It’s interesting to read about the way stardust operates but in the end the article is just a plug.

  5. I like how they make it sound like all they use are Macs.
    They do use PC’s… alot.

  6. Ah, but for my unambiguous 1-bit DOS prompt, I miss you so. Salad days, indeed.

    ; )