Strung Out

Yarn on Vimeo

This is such a simple concept but it’s mesmerizing. I wish I would have thought of something like it for my last project in Time-based Typography I. (Get those headphones/speakers on for this one.)

Vimeo, by the way, is bad ass. It’s like YouTube with class.

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  • Reminds me of this little wonder of Irish nostalgia, the Bosco Opening title:

  • jo3

    won’t load for me.

  • Do you have Flash 8 installed?

  • Deocliciano Oksipin

    Flash sucks on Intel macs.
    And Apple is doing nothing about.

    This is very pleasing to watch.
    And the music was well chosen.

    The complexity must be the IDEA.

  • Sebastianbap

    I can’t watch.

    Won’t load for me too.

    I have Flash 8 or 9, i don’t remember.

  • Weird. I’m on an Intel Mac and it works fine for me. Are you guys even seeing the still image in the post?

  • dun

    works fine for me. macbook pro w/ intel…


  • jeffrey

    it loads for me on a g5, and once trhe file is loaded, i cant get out of the player, just kinda freezes everything up.

  • this is just great! What a good idea!!

    dawm! they tought about it!

  • jo3

    im in a powerpc, with flash 8, all other videos on vimeo work, except this one.

  • jo3

    correction, flash 9, and i can see the image. i click play, it loads for a half second then stops.

  • jo3

    got it to work, downloaded the quicktime from vimeo. its ok, much less interesting than i expected after reading all the comments on vimeo.

  • is this neko case? (the music)

  • DSR

    If you haven’t seen it, check out the music video for The Softlightes’ song titled “Heart Made of Sound”:

    – or here –