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Play-Doh Passion


The new Bravia spot for Sony by Passion Pictures is online now and is just wonderful. They used 40 stop-motion animators in New York City to wrangle real plasticine sculptures on location. Part of the appeal of the commercial is the tactile nature of the clay and the various faces and reactions to seeing it happen live. It’s ambitious but still charmingly low-tech. And I’m glad they didn’t over-hype this edition of the series. A really nice piece of film-making.

Posted on 4 October 2007 |

27 thoughts on “Play-Doh Passion

  1. The surprise effect was pretty much spoiled by the teaser (or ad for the ad) they released some weeks ago. I love it, but in my mind, it’s definitely not as successful as the two previous efforts. Maybe because the music is such an obvious choice.

  2. I can’t imagine the headache this must have been to plan and execute. I looove it. well done!

  3. the first one was great, the second one was a bit of a letdown, but I think this is my favorite also. Maybe I’m just a sucker for bunnies.

  4. Still a little too random for me at the end- but christ it beats ‘random running clown for no reason’ any day. Favorite of the three.

  5. I agree as well. It’s my favorite one so far. Having said that, If this had debuted the series I wouldn’t have liked it nearly as much. The idea of knowing it’s a Bravia advertisement, also knowing what Bravia adverts ARE and excepting them for what they are, allows more leniency (at least in my mind) in “how” it’s said rather than “what” is said.

  6. “Passion Pictures animation studio ripped off KozynDan after requesting samples of their work and never called them back. Dan just wrote me an email about it to confirm.” The post is on Gizmodo, Lame..

  7. Awesome.. what makes it more awesome is how it is done through stop motion… I can’t imagine all the work and effort put into this… great job…

    Read the post at Gizmodo.com and the comments written there are all rather compelling thoughts… Its not a total ripped off, in my opinion…

  8. David is directing his venom at the wrong party . The idea, bunnies in NYC, comes from the ad agency. Passion Pictures is hired to execute the spot.

  9. rip off. it’s the worst when it happens to you. I really like this ad, but reading the gizmodo post makes me mad at them for not involving the creators of the ‘bunnies.’ what the f?

  10. This spot is awesome. But come one, wtf .. do Kozyndan have a copyright on bunnies? I respect their work but to cry ripoff is pretty lame.

  11. Once you see both the “bunny wave” and the “panorama” pictures, its pretty obvious that its less than a coincidence.

  12. …more than a coincidence i meant :)

    In addition to the agency contacting the original artist prior….

  13. This great spot will enhance Sonys brand on TV, but when people read about it online, all that will be erased. Sad.

  14. we shouldn’t rush into the conclusion.

    making a picture alive requires a different kind of creativity. kozyndan’s work has the look but putting it into a storyline and collaborating with other artists for 3 weeks can’t be just ignored.

    however it’s pretty lame that the studio asked kyzyndan bunch of his works and then stop contacting him. they have to give him a credit.