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Passion Paris Does Radio Nova


Hot on the heels of the Sherbet/James Wignall spot for French station Radio Nova that we posted yesterday, Passion Paris shows us they can tango, too.

Their spot, “electro,” is directed by the inimitable Romain Segaud, whose sense of timing and fluid animation style make for a cheery ride though the land of Nova. The excellent character design is from Laurent Nicolas, who helped create one of my favorite music videos ever.

If you’ve never checked out Romain’s work before, stroll over to the Passion Paris website and look under Films. Romain is yet another amazingly talented graduate of France’s esteemed animation school Supinfocom.

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Posted on 5 February 2008 |

8 thoughts on “Passion Paris Does Radio Nova

  1. that was total 500-pound blue ribbon. the only flaw was in the end shot with the record… the highlights on the vinyl shouldn’t rotate.

    best thing i’ve seen in a while.

  2. Dope! I would love to see some Dubstep pirates make those Frenchies walk the plank though ;)