Danger Danger! The Holograms for kap10kurt

Now and again we get a submission here at motionographer mansions that makes me smile from ear to ear and scream for everyone to come check out what I’m watching. The latest culprit is the new video by French directorial collective The Holograms for NY producer / electronic ensemble kap10kurt and their track Dangerseekers.

The synopsis for the video amusingly reads: “In a world full of danger, where music is banned by an evil militia, Kap10Kurt, an easy-going hero, helped by his sexy mate Leah, will blow up this Machiavellian conspiracy….â€? Cerebral stuff indeed!

The clip was created over 3 months at mathematic, the motion design studio partner of Les Télécreateurs who rep The Holograms. 3D was mainly done in Maya with some 3DS Max for FX design. Comping was done solely in After Effects.

Now, I know the eighties revival thingy has been done and done, and according to my mate Vince, French animators do lean towards Manga style work a bit too much. But I just absolutely love this. The narrative and animation are super-punchy with all those ‘Battle of the Planets’ moments I loved as a kid. And the shoulder keyboard transformers bit at the end had me punching the air like a teenager (Which was only a few years ago!?).

I did however have a sneaking suspicion that a video like this had to come from the fantasies of a geeky ‘Tom & Ed Chemical’ style producer collective, who look more like lab techs then 80’s rock vamps. How WRONG I was…

  • http://www.tedgore.com Tread

    stunning! some fantastic moments in this piece.

  • http://www.todayistomorrow.net suprememoves

    The keytar at the end is so ill.
    Nice f*cking work.

  • http://justincone.com justin

    The sustained level of artistry and polish in this vid is absolutely amazing.

  • skape

    That keytar was epic! The ending had a Guitar Hero vibe for me when they’re on stage.

  • http://www.solid-creative.com Paul Ducco

    very nice piece indeed. shame the placement on the site’s page doesn’t do justice to the piece.

  • http://www.digitalfiction.com KGB

    An absolutely BAD ASS music vid!
    Action packed, funny, and interesting to watch.

    The tune isn’t bad either(but is missing some lyrics or something).

  • http://copyright1980.com filfury


  • http://bocamotion.tv boca

    Awesome awesome awesome!!!
    Holy @#$!

  • mcteapot

    Mad crazy! Reminds me of Interstellar 555.

  • http://www.weareroyale.com david

    Video far outshines the song. amazing work.

    Strange choices with the stuff that has “normal” specularity instead of cell shaded, like the spaceship nose?

  • http://www.talkingcatproductions.com Yot

    Easily some of the best animation work I’ve seen in a long time. Great cell-shading, characters and the story is simple, but not boring. As well, the squash and stretch is reminiscent of classic animation and you rarely see that pulled off so well in the 3-D realm. Bravo!

  • http://heeboklee.com garin2

    love every details.

  • http://edmundbrown.co.uk iline

    3 months? If that’s a 3-month Maya project for mathematic they should do a feature.

    Amazing detail on the textures – which came out lovely in the NPR shader, the graphic design is great, the 3D comic effects are really well animated, the timing is clicky –
    all in all very nice, and very fashionable.

  • http://najork.net najork

    So superior. Months later I’m still watching this.

  • http://www.kap10kurt.com kap10kurt

    Thanks for all the nice comments and merci beacoup for posting…Holograms are geniussesss! k10k