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Autofuss 001: Katelyn

You may recall that we interviewed an internal motion design team at agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners that went by the name The Action Cats. The Cats made a splash with their entry in the Adobe See What’s Possible challenge, The Experiment.

They’ve since broken off from GS&P to form a new studio, Autofuss. To announce their birth, Autofuss recently posted an in-house short starring the incredibly cute Katelyn. I can’t quite verbalize why this project pulls me in, but it does. It’s subtle and magical, with a strangely charming denouement that feels perfectly paced and well-earned.

I’ll be keeping my eye on Autofuss. I think they’re going to make some great work.

Thanks to Jarratt for the initial tip!

Directors: Randy Stowell & Jeff Linnell
Producer: Julia Scahill
DP: Devin Whetstone
Editor: Jess Bianchi
Designer: Lisa Mishima
Animators: Colin Trenter, Chris Kelly

Music Composition and Sound Design: johnnyrandom

Posted on 20 November 2008 |


18 thoughts on “Autofuss 001: Katelyn

  1. Their studio is like WOW?! (a quick segue) I really like their short, it’s very cute and it does capture the excitement of the new idea. It’s really nice.