“Shop Local. Build Kansas City” by Phil Borst


Encouraging the notion of buying locally, Phil Borst cooks up a designers feast in this kinetic type piece for BuildKansasCity.org.

  • Very nice piece! Nice find …

  • von pixel

    Its nice- but oh man the girls voice was just drolling on… almost monotone.

  • Really cool. The voice-over reminded me of the Euro trip monologue from Rules of Attraction.

  • thewillows

    I think the voice-over works great. It’s like the monologue skape is referring to in Rules of Attraction. Quick and very monotone. I feel like if the voice-over was up beat it would make the video cheesy. Great concept, and video!

  • nice piece indeed. I thought the voice worked well.
    but wow… what an exhausting day she had!