Dominoes by Wyld Stallyons is great new short film for the World Wildlife Fund that aims to encourage people to become activists for environmental change. The simple premise is well told through the metaphor of a domino that individual characters use to send their message. Great illustration, character design and animation and a lovely soundtrack top it off.

Yann Benedi and Céline Desrumaux animated and directed the film for Wyld Stallyons in just over three weeks. Céline was one of the film-makers who made Yankee Gal at Supinfocom in 2008, and Yann Benedi made Gary there in the same year. Both films are worth checking out if you haven’t yet seen them.

Céline Desrumaux’s post about Dominoes on her blog.
Yann Benedi’s here.
See the campaign for WWF here.

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  • Unbelievable! Love the palette and the vibe of the animation. Great work guys!

  • Superb. I’d have to say it’s the one of, if not the best spot i’ve seen this year. Such a simple yet clever concept – executed beautifully.