Gkaster Updates with New Work.

New work and reel from CG Artist, Pierre Magnol aka Gkaster.

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About the author

Tyquane Wright

/ www.easein.com

I am a student at New York University. I love motiongraphics.

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  • Wow, I’m in awe! beautiful work

  • Very nice! I love your use of depth, light, and color. Just as good (if not better) then your lats reel. You totally inspire me!


  • This is in the quickies??????????? That’s some amazing work!

  • roscoetron

    Impressive to say the least. Keep it up man, your work is so inspiring!

  • gkaster

    thank you for all that comments and this is an honor for me to be on motionographer.

  • von pixel

    out standing. Gkaster you have always been a massive influence to me all the way back to your super early works. great reel. very epic.