LEGS & Mother Take Over The Standard NYC

Last night, it seemed like everyone in NYC was talking (and tweeting) about one thing: The Standard Hotel. Funded by Target, Mother NY and LEGS took over the Standard as the stage for a Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular — an LED light and fashion show with enormous ambition and success.

Hot off of VMA nominations for their Florence and the Machine video, LEGS continues to blur the line defining the modern director. This latest feat turned 155 rooms (with 66 dancers inside) into pixels, backed by a 30 piece orchestra, as they animated the hotel’s southern facade to bring a live experience to the streets. In attempt an artistic democracy, Target even distributed 1,500 binoculars and had the music available on a toll-free number for those not close enough to hear.

Aside from the exceptional creative and production merits of this work, it’s encouraging to see brands like Target stepping up and financing non-traditional curation (by Mother NY) and innovation much like Intel has entrusted VICE with it’s currently touring Creators Project. As old mediums retire, new ones are born and those who find ways to tell stories within new structures will continue to push our “blurring” industry forward whilst finding new ways to create.

Check out some photos as we await more video and extras about the night and feel free to share any content you may have captured in the comments.

Update: Check out some behind the scenes from lighting animator, Michael Figge, from the team at Eight VFX.

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  • ocelot
  • I saw this! The video obviously doesn’t do the experience justice, very awesome stuff. I love it when animation, installation, and performance merge into one.

  • bernardmagri

    there’s videos of this on the mother site.

  • David8885

    Interesting that the protest against Target’s donation to a political campaign that is anti-gay and anti-choice isn’t mentioned. Here’s a link to a media outlet that *did* cover the story entirely.

    • Maybe because it has nothing to do with the experience?

      BTW…the installation is genius. Very inspiring.

    • WiKid

      I’m glad someone mentioned this. Sure, not everything has to be politicized, but no one is free from sociopolitical fabric, even us designers. I think it only helps to know the context, whether you agree or disagree with what Target did.

      Who knows – this visual extravaganza could have been conceived to counter the boycotting and negative PR that Target has been getting especially among fashionable crowd including gays, who frequent this area (and all over NYC for that matter…)

  • Amazing work! I feel this is going to open up several new doors!

  • pacey84

    I love this, sure its not the first time buildings have been re appropriated in this way, but this is the best I have seen so far.
    It doesn’t matter that Target support gay bashing politics – it doesn’t matter that it is Target at all in fact. This would work with any release of a new line.
    In fact you could even argue its not fit for purpose with too much attention being diverted away from the fashion show in the foreground.

  • Very Impressive!

  • Hey everyone,

    Here’s how we did it:


    Thanks for the kind words. -Figge

  • I’m sure that in the year 2040, with their 8X HD hologram installations, they’ll look back at these documented LED lights events and laugh, the same we laugh at vintage computer ads.