Impactist – “Spheremetrical (Here With You)” from their Last Heist EP.

Impactist – “Spheremetrical (Here With You)” from their Last Heist EP.

  • Boca Ceravolo

    Amazing as usual! :-D

    • kelly_and_daniel

      Too kind… Thanks Boca!

  • Bran Dougherty-Johnson

    This is great. Love all of this duo’s work.

    • kelly_and_daniel

      You’re perpetually supportive… Always appreciated. We’re going to shrink you down and carry you around with us wherever we go so we can always enjoy the positivity. Mobile-Bran…

  • BlakeLandry

    Man this is so great!
    I’ve been lovin’ the quickies so much more then the features lately.

    • kelly_and_daniel

      Agreed… Who doesn’t love the quickies? Thanks B! Smiles.

  • daniel

    Bought the track and have been looping it all morning! Big fan of both of your work, and your new projects never disappoint.

    Also, quickies are totally where it’s at.

    • kelly_and_daniel

      Awesome… “Daniels” rule! Find a “Kelly” and we’ll be an unstoppable team, fighting for the future!

  • Brian Gossett

    Simply beautiful. If I knew you guys I’d stand next to you with a t-shirt that says “I’m with genius —->”

    • kelly_and_daniel

      Too nice… But, love the positivity of the shirt… We’d buy one!

  • BaconIsGood4You

    <3 everything Impactist.