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BNS: Only the Brave

“Only the Brave Foundation” from Brand New School and Antidote features some really nice artwork from the likes of Sol Linero, Damien Correll and Stephen Kelleher. The foundation, Only the Brave, handles a variety of projects and duties ranging from working with impoverished villages, to bringing clean water to those in need, to educating Ethiopian children. Watch the animation and, if you can, get involved. Via Bran.


Agency Creatives
Tom Rowe, Laura Sullivan and Henry Chilcott.

Brand New School, London

Jonathan Notaro

Managing Director
Danny Rosenbloom

Executive Producer
Kayt Hall

Brand New School, London

Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Stephen Kelleher, Sol Linero, Damien Correll

2D Animation
Andy Mastrocinque, Dave Rasura

Executive Producer
Devin Brook

Associate Producer
Madison Brigode

Production Coordinator
Zoe Beyer

Original Music

Posted on 1 September 2011 |

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