Dvein: Eva Main Titles

So delicate, and so slick. Dvein puts together a stunning title sequence for Spanish film director Kike Maíllo’s first feature film, Eva. Go fullscreen on this!

Dvein was involved in the film from the beginning by designing the “hands-up” interface through which the film’s protagonist controls the consciousness of the robots that he creates. That design was the starting point of the main titles of the movie: a detailed approach to the mechanisms of the interface, a simpler introduction that turns into something more and more complex that introduces the viewer to the world of Eva.

Direction & Animation: Dvein

Renderfarm: Renderfarm Solution

Music: Evgueni Galperine & Sacha Galperine
Sound Design: Oriol Tarragó



Gorgeous concept here!


Gorgeous concept and execution!

Willem Zwaan

Looks awesome, I wonder what kind of render Engine they use.

Ayhan Cebe

once again Dvein delivers!.. 

Michel van den Burg

#Dvein kicking ass again – “Eva” feature main titles http://t.co/CulRL9tj

Film By Numbers

Like you say, so detailed and so delicate.  Just incredible work.

jake sargeant

absolutely gorgeous work…congrats Dvein!

jake sargeant

would love to see some more behind the scenes on this one

Lilian Darmono

Achingly beautiful. Soooo beautiful. I must see this film. But the font doesn’t marry well with the visuals, methinks. In fact to fully enjoy the piece I had to try and ignore it…Pity, otherwise sooo gorgeous !!! :(

el duderino

gorgeous work

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