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So this is a year old, but it’s still wonderful, and I can’t believe it’s slipped through my posting schedule. A trio of Taiwanese students made these as part of their graduation project. Their making-of page is worth looking at, even though the text is all in Mandarin and a simple Google translate of the page isn’t doing a decent job at all. It’s one of the most moving piece of animation I have seen lately … if you’re not touched by this, you may be made of wood!

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Lilian Darmono

/ www.liliandarmono.com
Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Lilian moved to Singapore and eventually Australia for her studies, eventually graduating from Swinburne NID in Prahran, Melbourne. She then worked in print design before deciding to switch to the field of Motion Design in late 2003. Her obsessions include travelling, illustrating, and cats. She is currently in the London leg of her 'Mograph Tour Around The World', and calls Melbourne home.

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  • So beautiful video! 

  • Drew Bourneuf

    Made may day.

  • don flores

    very well done!

  • So beautiful that almost hurt.

  • This is so great!

  • Beautifully done! Loved the art direction, a warm vibrant world with gorgeous imagination and interesting play on sound. The whale scene was my personal fave, take that bandit! I do hope to see more and even a successful series that can truly capture someone no matter the age gap.

  • Amazing.

  • A masterpiece by all means. 

  • The Making of pages is the most detailed Making of ever. It shows everything, even share the Photoshop action & coloring PSD files. Make sure you click on the little girl at the bottom to turn into next page. Great for animation students.