Callum Cooper: Full Circle

Callum Cooper creates eerie, poetic short films using his own DIY custom camera rigs. I’d love to see an instructables or kickstarter campaign for tools like these.

Cooper’s work reminds me of Michael Langan and the lo-fi video experiments of Tell No One, a combo of art experiment, techniques, and new technology.


Christian Zimmermann

that’s cool ^^

Ruoyu Li


Ruoyu Li

someone rips this off immediately.. plz

Dan Brown

someone already did, 10 years ago.


there is a shot in “The cell” which looks a bit similar to the second clip too. However I really adore both clips.

Benjamin Ducroz

nice work!
tony hill – downside up – 1984.
this guy makes rad experimental rigs.

Callum Cooper

Ben! How you doing, its been ages!

Actually Melbourners tend to know more about Tony’s work than the rest
of the globe because downside up won best experimental film at MIFF. 
Tony has recently update his site

Also I think you would like some of Simon Tayler work although they are perhaps more commercially geared.

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