Hornet & Blinkink for Toyota

Directors Sumo Science, Yves Geleyn, Gabe Askew, and Major Briggs bring four very different – but equally cool – perspectives to the “Stories of Better” campaign produced with Saatchi & Saatchi for the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

And – a special bonus – a behind the scenes from Yves Geleyn.

Directed by: Sumo Science
Produced by: Julie Crosbie
Exec Producer: James Stevenson Bretton
Post Production: MPC/WAM London

“1,000,000 km Courier”
Director: Yves Geleyn
Executive Producer: James Stevenson Bretton, Jan Stebbins
Producer: Zack Kortright
Supervising Technical Director: Sang-Jin Bae
Live Action Producer: Joel Kretschman
Editor: Anita Chao
Director of Photography: Ivan Abel
Gaffer: Michael Yetter
Key Grip: Jeremy Rodriguez
Art Director: Elise Ferguson
Fabricator/Sculptor: Ben Kress, Michael Lawrence
Fabricator: Tim McDonald, Peter Erickson, Jacob Dyrenforth, Hayley Morris, Michaela Olsen
Animator: Matt Somma
Previs: Lukas Wadya
Animators: Mike Luzzi, Mark Pecoraro
Compositors: Peter Fink, Allison Kocar
Music: Huma-Huma

“Think You Know Hybrid?”
Director: Gabe Askew
Executive Producer: James Stevenson Bretton, Jan Stebbins
Produced by: Zack Kortright
Post Production: Hornet/WAM London
Supervising Technical Director: Sang-Jin Bae
Editor: Anita Chao
CG Lead: Ylli Orana
Animator: Sean Thorpe
CG Generalist: Rich Kim
2D Animation: Anne Calandre, Jacob Kafka
Modeling: Meghdad Asadilari
Compositor: John Harrison

“27 1/2 Year Journey”
Directed by: Major Briggs
Produced by: James Stevenson Bretton
Exec Producer: James Stevenson Bretton
Post Production: Major Briggs/WAM London

  • http://www.facebook.com/rajesh748 Rajesh Kumar

    its awesome works… i seen the a behind the scenes its outstanding

  • http://gravatar.com/pouet42 pouet

    in some way, the beginning makes me think about the commercial for Ford from the mill

  • David

    I think The Mill’s Ford focus from a few years ago is still better.


  • boyscout
  • http://www.pepmotion.com Pepijn

    well, the difference is that this one is actually made of paper (though not all, I see)! So that does add a cuteness factor, in my opinion. But the one from the Mill is more ‘dynamic’, in lack of a better term.

    Interesting thing is I discovered on the Hornet website that they have a community called “the Workshop”. Anyone know more about that? Is that only for non-digitally created stuff?

  • bortieb

    It’s not that far off from Happy Honda Days of last year, either.