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Process: C4D in Skyfall-inspired spot for Sony

Great insight into the process behind the screen graphics for a new Skyfall-inspired spot for Sony. Design and animation by Bradley “Gmunk” Munkowitz and Navarro Parker.

Posted on 26 November 2012 |

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11 thoughts on “Process: C4D in Skyfall-inspired spot for Sony

  1. lol @ “What’s that doing here”. It’s a behind-the-scenes look into the mograph of a commercial, posted on a blog that focuses primarily on motion graphics.

  2. I saw this ad several times on tv and sorry to say this, but even as a hardcore motion graphics guy, I never even noticed those graphics, they weren`t exciting at all, anyways. And it was quite a surprise to learn that gmunk was the driving force behind it – a total waste of talent, time and money.

  3. the graphics and interface where the best part of this pretty boring spot. If you took away the big names attached, james bond, wieden and kennedy and gmunk, this site would not get any play on motionographer as its kind of a lame story. To the productions credit though, they hired the absolute best to craft every little detail including these superb interface animations, but the aha! moment at the end left me pretty uninspired.