AE Users: Meet Cineware & Cinema 4D Lite

Holy magic toolbelt Batman! When Adobe and Maxon announced a “strategic alliance”, I never dreamed this big. Todd Kopriva announces what’s new in the upcoming version of AE, including importing C4D files directly into AE.
Motionworks has a great video showing off the integration here and Chris & Trish Meyer’s write up is here.


Chris MacDougall


Victor Hernández

O.o Awesome!!!

Marcio Shima

I’m crying for joy right now!!

Johnny Crash

*fingers crossed for vray4c4d compatibility*



Russell Hirtzel

Looks like no physical renderer, sketch/toon, xrefs, or 3rd party shader/object/poste effects plugins supported. But still… really cool for what it is, and hopefully it’ll only get better! GPU acceleration and CUDA utilization would be an amazing addition.

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