Nathan Love: Kellogg’s Froot Loops “Carl the King Crab”

3D kings Nathan Love take a fifty-year old Toucan Sam and make him look like a spry young ‘un in their 3D reboot of the Froot Loops brand. The texture and rendering have a fantastic hand-made feel – the deep felty blues in the nephews coats and, wow, that king crab!

Client: Kellogg North America Company
Spot Title: Carl the King Crab
Airdate: April 29, 2013

Agency: Leo Burnett USA
Creative Director: Craig Barnard
Copywriter: Michael Franklin
Art Director: Brad Mamo
Producer: Andrea Friedrich

Production Company: Nathan Love
Executive Producer: James Braddock
Head of Production: Derrick Huang
Associate Producer: Dennis Samatulski
Creative Directors: Joe Burrascano and Anca Risca
Director: Joe Burrascano
Character and Environment Design: Sigmund Lambrento
Additional Design: Jim McKenzie
Storyboards: Matt Haber
Animatic: Jim McKenzie
Character Modeling: Pedro Conti, James Chan
Character Texturing: Pedro Conti, Christina Ku
Rigging Lead: Lukas Wadya
Additional Rigging: Tyler Hurd
Lead Technical Director: Ylli Orana
Animation Supervisor: Tyler Hurd
Animation Leads: Tony Travieso and Doug Litos
Animator: MinSeok Jeon
Environment Modeling, Texturing and Layout: Paul Liaw, James Chan, Ylli Orana, Triston Huang
Props Modeling and Texturing: Danielle Charles, Eric Xu, Triston Huang
Lighting and Rendering Lead: Natasha Saenko
Lighting and Rendering: Ylli Orana, Eric Xu, Triston Huang
Compositing Lead: Herculano Fernandes
Matte Painting: Jim McKenzie, Sigmund Lambrento
2D FX: Kristjan Zaklynsky

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  • Steve

    great example on how to turn a very pedestrian agency script into something great

    • Well put, Steve. That crab is such a fully realized character. Love it.

  • great work guys!

  • rob bolick

    It’s a shame such talent is wasted pedaling unhealthy food to kids.

    • I know! Imagine if someone gave them a suitcase full of cash to make their own feature film. Any volunteers?

  • nicely dun