12 Principles of Animation


“The Illusion of Life” is an interesting presentation of 12 universal principles for animation using cubes (instead of characters).

“The Illusion of Life” was created by Cento Lodigiani, who also made a watch-worthy minimalist short, “Sunset.”

  • http://cento.lodigiani.com vincenzo lodigiani

    Hi, thanks a lot for posting my work.
    Is there a way you can put a link to my site or my name? THX!!

    • http://justincone.com Justin Cone

      Absolutely! Just updated the post. Thanks!

      • http://cento.lodigiani.com vincenzo lodigiani

        Thank you!!

  • http://www.stevenweinzierl.com Steven Weinzierl

    Congrats Cento! One of the best animators I’ve ever worked with. Check out all his work!

  • oeuf

    Great work, love the gifs.

  • http://estelle.chaillat.tumblr.com Chise

    Very interesting and beautiful sense of movement (sorry for my english ah)