Parallel: Nespresso Mobile

Parallel (Quentin Baillieux and Raphaëlle Tinland) is the team that brought you the lovely Pernod Ricard spot. Love the lighting across the angular designs.


Smith & Foulkes: Fuze Tea “When This Meets That”

Adorable design in this Smith & Foulkes directed gem for Fuze Tea.

Big thanks to Lewis and Nexus for the team credits!


Obscura Digital: Emergence at the Exploratorium

At nightfall on April 17th and 18th, 2013, Obscura Digital transforms San Francisco’s Pier 15 with a projection mapping extravaganza. We’ve seen a lot of projection mapping at Motionographer, but this one stands out because of its non-computer generated assets.

Obscura designed and fabricated ten replicas of the Exploratorium’s façade, ranging in size from large terrariums to microscope slides, to contain unique experiments involving fluid dynamics, microorganisms, particle interactions, living systems, crystallization, and growth in time lapse. Documented in ultra high-definition video, these compelling natural subjects are projection mapped back on the surface of the building, creating the illusion of being contained within its structure.


WHITEvoid: FLUIDIC – Sculpture in Motion

Between April 9 and 14, 2013 the art installation FLUIDIC – Sculpture In Motion is being displayed in the Temporary Museum for New Design in Milan. The installation is the result of the collaboration between Hyundai’s Advanced Design Center and the Berlin-based design studio WHITEvoid.

12,000 translucent moving spheres float above a pool of water. At the same time eight high-speed laser projectors send beams into the point cloud creating patterns that can also respond to the positions and posture of visitors in the space.

Don’t miss out on the rest of WHITEvoid’s impressive portfolio.

Hat tip to COLOSSAL.

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SXSW 2013: What the Leap means to Motion Graphics

I had read about the Leap Motion Controller, but hadn’t seen it in action until SXSW 2013. The super precise motion-sensing device can track up to ten fingers within a three-feet area. Setting aside the obvious opportunities that the Leap opens up for those of us working in the interactive/experiential field, I’d like to focus on how the Leap might enter the workflow of a motion graphics artist.

There are three main ways the Leap’s ability to interpret 3D gestural data will allow for visuals to become ubiquitous that had previously been work intensive or cost prohibitive – as a 3D motion capture device, paired with a 3D sculpting app, and paired with a 3D drawing app. But perhaps the most exciting developments are happening when you modify the Leap to create home brew touch-screens.

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Dante Zaballa: Pictoplasma Festival 2013 Opener

Pictoplasma Festival 2013 Opener (White Noise Edition) by Berlin-based Dante Zaballa. Sound design by David Kamp.

Hat tip to Wine after Coffee.

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Lagoa Launches, Blows Minds

I was invited to the beta of (then called TeamUp) several months ago, and even in that early stage it blew my mind. As I toyed with a test scene, I couldn’t help feeling that I was staring into the future of CG — or at least a very interesting aspect of its future.

So what is it?

At it’s core, Lagoa is a cloud-based, photoreal CG renderer. In the simplest possible terms: You upload a scene from your favorite 3D package, hit render and watch the magic happen. With incredible speed, Lagoa produces photoreal imagery in seconds.

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