Cocoe: El Pais + Como Tu Quieras

El Pais

Cocoe has sent us a great 5-piece TV spot for a Spanish newspaper launch of collection of books featuring photographs of Spain’s history. From cutting and pasting to the masses of cloning; Cocoe has prepared a phenomenal job at recreating a selection of the photos into a 3D environment.


Combined with an old film grain/blur and fascinating scene blends this piece really stands out in Cocoe’s inspiring collection.
Watch El Pais

Como Tu Quieras

Now don’t expect any jaw-dropping moments — this TVC is simple and it works!

I have no clue what the voiceover is trying to tell us, but I love the way it interprets the prize-use in variety of quirky ways, which is what really makes this ad worthy. I’m guessing they would have used Rotoshop technology (Waking Life/A Scanner Darkly) unless it’s just a simple plug in. I can’t tell from the small video size.


The rocking effect of the guy to the movement of the screen is a nice touch. I’ve posted this just to show how you can produce a neat project out using simple techniques. A little texture to the background could have helped. Otherwise very fun to watch!
Watch Como Tu Quieras

Also check out their sleek and very-verticle website



And by the way, this Cocoe stuff here is pretty old, too. Let´s not repost stuff that is that old, please.

onur edit:
mate, Como is from last December. El Pais is Cocoe’s latest work which is roughly two months old.


I have never seen it. Does it really matter how old or new it is?


I’m portuguese not spanish but I’ll give it a try at making a translation.

“You can watch this ad, or don’t watch it, come to Burger King and ask for a menu, whichever you want, and for just 1 more euro get a pair of gloves, to use in any way you desire. You can also get a scarf, or a cap and you can make the whole collection if you wish to… or not. Burger king, as you wish.”

And by the way I really liked the first video, it’s great how the objects are placed in a scene. In a moment it seams 2D in the other 3D.

Onur Aksoy

haha ohh cool thanks SkIMMas

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