Pleix Films: Sometimes

We’ve all seen plenty of slow-paced, artistically-cold isolated metropolis short films and I think this another good example. Now the video starts off with 10 seconds of silence, so don’t blast your speakers! I love the opening blow when the sound begins. After that it’s just a handful of cinematic intensity.

The more indoor and small streets bring depth and richness to the city. One of my favorite shots is the debris slamming and pushing the van which brings these shapes to life. Quality in both 3D+film. It’s really worth a look!
Watch Sometimes



Are you kidding?
This is a 4746345234502340-year old movie.

Onur Aksoy

I never said it was new :)


Bit boring?


Well the reason that explicitly this slow-paced, artistically-cold isolated metropolis short film is a good example is that all other, newer slow-paced, artistically-cold isolated metropolis short films are inspired by that one. That was (one of) the first, 3 years ago.

David Lewandowski

9 out of 10 readers know this piece by heart, the other 10% probably forgot about it when it was screened around the globe about 3 years ago.


Pleix who?


Pleix where then commissioned to produce an Audi commercial along the same lines. You should be able to see it here:


I love this clip, its amazing how 3 mins go by and it feels like 30 sec. Very clever.


I´d prefer that a clip is 30 seconds long and people feel it is 3 min. but still being fascinated. saves a lot of work ;)
@david: mayve put an index.html at


2 Onur Aksoy says:

April 21st, 2006 at 8:07 pm
I never said it was new

Well. As I understand, Motionographer is supposed to be a motion graphics news portal. Frankly speaking, this is not the first your post that is not up to date. I’m talking about Ramiro Torres’ spot for MTV Clipeados.


Is this a beautiful piece about 9/11? There’s another world where things are built and not torn apart.


hey… but that the original! it is much older that all other “slomo-urbal-particle”-clips!



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