Dvein goes Offf

You might have heard it previously mentioned that the OFFF ’06 title sequence by Dvein was something pretty special. I have to agree. I don’t usually enjoy outright realistic/semi-abstract 3d solutions, often because I find they aren’t addressing or communicating a point, but this sequence works really well.


I’m not sure of the reasoning behind it, but the apparent theme of spawning, growth and reproduction is somehow apt for a festival like OFFF. The integration with the sound track is really tight, but it looks more as though the sound has been built around the movement of the organisms rather than the other way around, which is a great achievement.

Don’t forget to check out the Dvein reel at the above link either.

Edit: I forgot to thank Espaun for the link.


Onur Aksoy

oh. my. god. I’ve only seen half of it and I think I am going to cry!


Damn… It’s like Lynn Fox and Chris Cunningham had a baby or something. Stunning work Dvein. A visualaudible mind fuck.

And why isn’t Combustion in the cream? Seems like we’re missing several links from that list actually.


OMG how many days it took to produce that. Insane.

Shawn Burns

This is ridiculous. The audio is amazing. (if you hear this through studio monitors, it makes the piece ten times stronger w/ the ridiculous BASS) I love glitch audio, but I really can’t imagine how long this took to make. It reminds me of something from fight club, the style and the realism of it. The particles are what blow me away.

damn, if i could only remember who did those fx for fight club… blue sky?


It was Digital Domain who did it I believe, especially since it was done by Fincher.

I don’t think that those smoke effects were particles. They look like stock imagery on black backgrounds, so they may have pulled luma mattes from them. That’s my guess anyhow.


it took them approx 3 weeks nonstop, seeing it on the big screen was really impressive. only thing i dont like about it so much is the type treatment, but the super slick 3d really makes up for it.

Shawn, Buf (www.buf.fr) made the fightclub titles


Very nice piece, first full 3d piece ive enjoyed in quite some time.

I don’t agree Joost, little strange comment from you – since they are using simalar type/treament you use.

Anyways I think the type works very well as it keeps you focused on the animation.

Also Marcelo has done amazing job on the audio design I think it makes 50% of the piece.

nice one.

jony below

I dont think the audio is a big thing is a old fashioned soundtrack, the same thing that 3 years ago, nothing new for me,but the video is the best film doed in Spain by two designers with no doubt.
congrats to dvein,, you are fukin’ great!!


Spain or anywhere else it is a great video :)

re* Ashleigh, of course im nitpicking, i like the typeface choose. but to nit pick its often out of title safety, would have liked to see more interaction bewteen the type/3d, like they did in the white scene they blend and move together nicely. the dark scene spitting organisms could have spit out the type or something, the eggs could have popped revealing type… so its just my honest openion it felt a little short on that department, im just very sensitive when it comes to type.

again other then that it rocks, and envy the mad 3d skills! and yeah marcelo did a great job with the track!


I have to agree with Joost. With so much action going on in the foreground, it tends to take your attention away from the type.


Blah, with so much action occuring in the background….


“I dont think the audio is a big thing is a old fashioned soundtrack, the same thing that 3 years ago, nothing new for me,but the video is the best film doed in Spain by two designers with no doubt.”

Oh yeah, I agree, but I was impressed by the timing and unity between the visuals and the audio, not the audio track itself (which was still well composed – the sum greater than its parts and so on).


Re: Joost

Re: jony below.
‘3 years old’ Seriously, who cares if it was 20 years old.


i do a lot of 3d and that was just crazy to watch. my favorite scenes was more toward the end.


I want DVEIN to have my babies!


Awsome visuals! But the stitles cards could have been thought in a better way. Bad kerning..


watch the alignments and the space between the lines it is inconsistent. Ach dumkopf! ;)

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