Clik Clak

A very clever short film with a rather unforeseen emotional ending, by a french 3D animation crew who call themselves, Clik Clak. We can all relate to this orchestrated type of motion from either too many games of MouseTrap as a child, the unforgettable Honda Accord Cog Commercial, or simply just by observing life and it’s inevitable causalities, but what makes it so fascinating? The subtle ability to predict the near future can be quite satisfying I guess, which is probably more reason to become detached from expectation and accept the unexpected. Which brings me to the type, the subtitles for the two simple minded robot’s secret language, an unpredictable crucial component to the overall concept, a tricky element to add into the mix, but one that seems to work really well in this case due to the simplicity of everything else. Like the sound-driven editing (or whatever you want to call it) for example…another ingredient to draw you in even deeper to a point where you feel the motion, not to mention the full-flavor of a REAL quicktime… I love it! Excellent work Clik Clak.



When I try to see it my browser crashes. After downloading it Quicktime crashes with a buffer underrun error. Am I the only one getting this error?


wow, how long did it take you type up this “review” i take it that fancy lingo you are trying to use means a “2 thumbs up?”

anyway, i really love that short, i have seen a few foreign students and small teams do a lot of really high conceptually driven and well animated stuff lately… tragic endings in some, but never guns and stuff, interesting.


i wish i could click on a comments section and not see the same nonsense again and again from this guy. justin, dont hold back your reviews.. not everyone is hater.. just maybe .5% of your visitors. we


SkIMMas: Bummer… did you try the low-res on their site, or maybe upgrading your quicktime player?

THA-DON: Glad you loved it man… Isn’t that all that really matters?

bill: Heh…we what? No worries. Negative comments really have no influence on my decision to write about something that inspires me. Oh, and this is Spiritform (Babe Elliott) too by the way, not Justin… even though he’s a big inspiration of mine when it comes to writing about this kind of stuff.


haha bill,
dont stress bro, im only playing the “bad guy” role here, you know, we have to have a bit of balance… cant all be peaches ‘n cream… oh snap, did i mean to say “cream ‘o tha crop” oh well…..

you know you guys are doing a good job with the site…. thank you…
now, bakc to being Tha-Don, the bad guy haha…

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