MK12 new reel…


I’m sure everyone has seen already as it’s been posted elsewhere, but it’s worthy of noting. It contains glances at a few unfamiliar works mixed in with all the rock solid goodness from the past.

What I’m really curious to see is ‘History of America’. I’ve heard rumors of it being close to done. Gimme, gimme, gimme! C’mon guys, show us the goods! I’m a rabid and salivating wolf, ready to consume.


Onur Aksoy

Very impressive work in there – some I had forgotten about.

Such diversity in styles :)


2 years ago, I was number one fan of mk12(until today), they show me the path…but now..I just can´t understad what happened to them..? :(


I empathize with gabriel. MK12 has always blown my socks off until recently. I’ll give them mad props for the unique and enjoyable editing style and a definite display of their talents, but I don’t feel that their reel really keeps up with top industry reels anymore. Its a shame.

J Dretzka

In their defence, MK12 have chosen to remain small and autonomous. They are not in the same predicament as the larger studios that can pull in dozens of freelancers at any given time. They are taking the road less traveled and trying to create long-form original content with a small staff. It’s slowed down their production pipeline, but with work that is scheduled to drop over the next year it should prove to be worth it.
Yes, they were the flavor of the month few years ago, that much is true. But isn’t everybody entitled to a slump once in a while?


I agree with Dretzka. What they have done for motion graphic design will stand the test of time. They are still in a league of their own, and always will be regardless of whatever current state they are ever in. Just go back and watch ‘Man of Action’ or ‘Ultra love ninja’ and tell me who is on par with that, even now.


I agree with all of the statements above..

i’m glad to head others think all of this as well..

i think where mk12 really shines is there self promotional work..

on a similar tip.. if you haven’t already.. check out the cream of the crop Cocoe..

their work is very remeniscent of mk12 2 years ago.. and that’s not a bad thing at all in my eyes..


I don’t know why people are disappointed with their new reel, I think its actually much better than their previous work. Sure, their old stuff two years ago was ground breaking and incredible, but that was two years ago. They were the trailblazers and now everyone is doing their thing. I think their new work shows a maturity not seen previously, and is much more elegant (less growing things thank god). Their two japanese spots are some of the best pieces I’ve seen in ages (ok there’s growing there, but it’s a bit different).

Overall, I’m seriously impressed with their new reel, and nice use of The Who as well ;)

Justin Cone

Shit, I’m stuck in a crappy internet cafe, and I can’t watch any QTs.



I dunno. I like their style, but the music choice seemed to detract from their work.

progressive look with retro audio didn’t seem to mesh well.


I mean, they’re clearly busy with history of america, but two years later and still 60% or more old stuff is not that impressive a reel in my book.

I will always be on mk12’s d*ck – but I can’t help being a lil’ dissapointed.


Yeah – I watched the real with no audio and thought it was pretty cool. There are a few low fi, but really nicely designed pieces that made me purr


they defiantly are not the same Mk12 of 3 years ago. but i must say i always thought they were a bunch of hype anyway. so im not surprised.


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