Psyop: Coke Happiness Factory

Is it possible for these guys to do ONE thing that doesn’t amaze the hell out of us?

“Psyop takes an imaginative journey with Wieden & Kennedy inside a Coke machine in “Happiness Factory,” a new spot for the soft drink’s latest campaign, “The Coke Side of Life.” The studio designed and animated the spot which begins airing today. Human created the music.”


With two modelers on the team they’ve created trees like the one used with train-tracks which adds a realistic touch. All this is a technique thats been attempted (McDonald’s TVSpot, Aussie only I think), but nothing I’ve seen is on such grand scale as this.

Enjoy. I’d love to see a making-of video.



david lewandowski

Jesus god that is gorgeous and amazingly fluid. applause here.


holy shit

Onur Aksoy

Take a look at the characters gold tooth as the bottle cap goes on!!! :O


Ufff amazing! they are the best


It’s like a pixar movie, but with style.


i wonder if mass market had anything to do with this piece. overall outstanding!


In all honesty, I would really like to see Psyop do a feature sometime down the road, that gets distributed internationally like any other feature film –sort of like Pixar, except they can make commercials to create an internal budget.


thats it i quit!


interesting… cool, and well, simply flawless…
big pum-pum to psyop. dont phase me, they aint normal so they dont count


2 modelers? how long does it take? half a year?


your right THA – DON,



geuss it wasnt that hard to follow up the mtv hd piece after all… great stuff here!


who’s portrait is that on the coin?


“who’s portrait is that on the coin?”

Might be one of the agencies super-ego freaks!

Nice Spot!


Nice endtag.


Wow! How many people took how long to make that? Very original character designs and writing. Looks like I should just give up… :)_


Yet another goal to strive towards. Well done.


beautiful work. i think these will start appearing in cinemas as well.


Absolutely amazing! I love it.

david lewandowski

Despairow we’d love to see your site, why isn’t your link working? The google cache has a link to TLL at the bottom, do you know those guys?

This is all XSI correct?


Wow. That is a nice schedule to have…
Time well spent! The spot looks fantastic.


mmmhmm. that’s right. uh-huh. oh no!


indeed. amazing spot.

more props to Psyop.


Here is the run down of the people involved (from boards mag)….


i knew there had to been a big crew to do that piece.. lots of rigging, lighting, shading, and of course animation.

17 3d artist. now thats a good size crew. not that matters the least bit…. they simply did an awesome job. :D


i was a lucky boy and got to see the spots back in Istanbul, and i am still in awe.

awesome visuals, great music


matte painting by dylan cole.. now i get it:) i love this guy:)


Not XSi, Maya. XSI was sprinkled here and there, but not enough to mention. Also heard most animators were ex- Blue sky peeps.

Always great stuff coming from the Psyop camp.


Amazing work Josh and the whole team, simply amazing. Better than many features out there.


I had the pleasure of working with Psyop on this and they were magnificent. You should have seen the curve balls we threw at them. They rock.


[openning window]





Thanks KingCookie, everyone appreciates the response we’ve been getting from this spot. It was the most talented team of people I’ve had the pleasure to work with, hands down. It should be playing in theatres before movies by now, so look out for it there!


What a nice animated advertisement.


What are the little furball guys doing? Are they carbonating the drink or just giving it the love that is in every bottle?


I like the commercial but compared to the other big ones out there it’s nothing exceptional. In terms of animation i’ve seen lot more impressive stuff. Look at axis’ “codehunters”.

I think the characters are way too repetitive in this coke spot, all of the characters in their related species look just the same, there seems to be no variation. Just look at the end in the crowd, all of them are these same construction-workers characters just cloned. Therefore it seems too synthetic. And in general the commercial is too linear imho and trying to be silly as if it’s targeting kids/ teenagers. And they should know that coke is a stupid corporation.

Drink water


Eh, I think that would be greatly overanalyzing it. I only watched it 3 or 4 times and didn’t really notice any of what you are talking about. The average person might see it one or 2 times total and certainly wouldnt be scrutinizing it so much.


Awe-inspiring; and it makes me wish that coke machines still handed out glass bottles!



Eric Frenchman

I really like it – nice to see what happens when you drop a coin in the machine. Plus the jingle is nice.




its amazing, we are not alone in space!
check this short did by french student in 2002, not the same budjet but same idea.


Wieden+Kennedy/Amsterdam rocks! They know how to launch a campaign and how to bring in people to work with them on projects that kick ass.


I think it’s overall a pretty good ad, but I hate that they had to kill the snowmen in order to frost the bottle! Poor Snowmen! I died a little inside seeing that.


MANNN I LIKED IT….don’t get any ideas, i drink my Coke responsibly! haha the Snowman gets OWNED!!! Wouldn’t you know it this is a perfect text for HSC…Nice one Guys!!!


Great! Best Coke commercial ever


Wonderful commercial! Does anybody know the name of the guy who drops the coin and takes the bottle??

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