Helios Design Labs / Nokia

Helios Design Labs / Nokia

What could be better than blowing the crap out of a bunch of consumer electronics? Blowing the crap out of them at six-thousand frames-per-second. And getting paid for it. It looks like Helios Design Laboratories had a blast (ha. ha.) with their latest project, an elegant run-through of a demolitionist’s fantasy. In ultra slow-mo, various gadgets explode into beautifully glittering fragments, the detritus of which eventually coalesce to form the latest Nokia.

While aesthetically beautiful, the technical hurdles were what made me curious about the spot. I talked with Alex from Helios, and he gave me a few specs:

“In order to minimize motion blur the shutter speed had to be at 1/10000 of a second. That meant a lot of light; at one point we were using 90000 watts. The heat generated when you focus that amount of light on a small area is insane: the plastic parts of the props would start melting after about a minute. Makes you kind of nervous when you know that they’re packed with explosives.”

Just another day at the office.

Check out the spot.

Helios also has some production stills from the project on their site, worth checking out.



common that was not worth the time it took to download.THANKS MOTIONGAPHER another crappy spot. Whats next more King and Country or FAd? or lets see some Cocoe..

somebody direct me to a place i can see good work.


I thought it was pretty cool. Didn’t love the music but the visual effects were great.


Thought it was pretty cool too. Don’t understand why the background went from widescreen to 4×3 all at the end though. That part kinda took me out of it.

john black

what’s up with the haters on this board lately?…constructive criticism is not a bad thing, but asshats like freeb are a complete waste of space…learn to spell first, then think before you post pally.


he’s probably a young undergrad –hence no link to a website.


I second john black: l8rz h8rz! Don’t see it going 4×3 at the end. There’s still a band at the bottom.


Yeah it doesn’t really go 4:3, they just keep the smoke in a small box. I still don’t get it though.

David Lewandowski

I agree with jon. Lots of crabby little kids wasting time. chumps should take your flames elsewhere.

Neat spot, funny about the 90k worth of light…. & explosives.


I don’t think that’s a set I would have wanted to be on.


it’s funny. i haven’t really seen this level of chumpery directed at mograph pieces… what is it about tween/motionographer that attracts these art school snobs? even mograph is fairly docile compared to this…


I know man.

Motionographer is a privelage not a right. If you don’t like the content you can start you own site that shows “good” work, make some “good” work of your own, or get bent.


Eh, it’s not really a lot of people. It’s just one or two vocal people, with “arguments” that run a little thin. Mostly a bunch of sarcasm with no real critique to back it up. Freeb, if you see anything you deem worthwhile, be sure to send it my way.

Most of us don’t post items with the intention of marking it “best of mograph”, rather I’ll post a spot if something about it catches my attention. Specifically with this spot, I was intrigued by the process, and thought it was worth a few pixels of webspace.


Daniel, it’s a good post, no need to back up your intentions or why you were intriged to post that specific piece. Your original write up was great and very thorough, don’t worry about the haters like freeb. He’s probably pissed he can’t make it past the first AE tutorial.

Keep up the good work!


Trolls and haters. Welcome to the internet.
Freeb, your comments are useless. Why the K&C hate? Unsubstantiated remarks like that are the fingerprints of the internet.

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