JL: LeeHom DVD Menu


To me, DVD menu’s are an art form of their own; it involves clever transitions and frustrating warnings, yet some seem to ready their eyes on the first sight of the ‘play movie’ button. Johnason Lo has recently completed by Sony Entertainment for Wang Lee Hom.

“The concept of his concert centered on the Chinese Dragon as the name of his album was Heroes of Earth. My concept was to merge his signature with the Chinese dragon�

Don’t expect too much, it’s only 15 seconds short, but I think it has an appealing oriental visual style and fluid camera work that could be inspiration to some of you.


dregs dream

this guy is pretty smooth- cant get the quicktimes to play tho-


Same here. Anyone have any other way of seeing these. I’m intrigued. DVD menus are an oft-overlooked artform.


must be friday the 13th in motionographer land… none of the links are workin! hehe

Johnason Lo

Sorry everyone my webhosting company did it again.
They remove my mov folder from my web space. I’m uploading rite now, sorry for the inconvenient :(


At last I could see the movies. It was totally worth to try again, the work is amazing… The design is really great, I love it.

Some of the work don’t have a movie file, but the screenshots are so good that I hope they will be there some day.
CONGRATULATIONS for your excellent work.


I think the work’s excellent! Beautiful art direction. Some of the links still aren’t working tho…

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