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Stardust: Non-Native Species
Promoting California Cleanup Day, Stardust was recetly called upon to produced a :30 spot entitled “Non-Native Species”. The character CigEgret makes it’s comeback from last year’s Cannes Advertising award-winning campaign by Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Visually the spot takes every aspect on screen and alters it’s health – so to speak.

PikaPika: In Los Angeles

In the darkness of the night lies a gathering of light-artists that turn high exposure photography into animated form. Nothing is forgotten in their creativity – bouncing balls, travelling ghosts to even urinating men! These guys (who are continously expanding) work 3 hours during the night with an 8-10 second exposure. I would love to explain more about it but I cant read the descriptions. Alot of fun!

Watch the 4 minute video
Watch small clips 1
Watch small clips 2
Gif animations
The 4-minute clip was nominated at The Ottawa International Animation Festival.

(Thanks Seth for the alert)

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there are better ones tho in recent months (the thing with lights)… hunt for those, more impressive, cant remember by who….
stardust thing is cool…

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