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Brand New School, look at em, flexin the arms with a nice campaign for toyota that looks like quite the undertaking. Shot in New Zealand, and 3 months of CG result in two spots that have a plethora of detail… to much for you to catch on one pass, so watch them again… and then again. At times it’s nearly impossible to read some of type that is all over the place with out stopping the vid and looking, not that it matters much, the point is made. Cool stuff. Maybe we’ll see toy cars some day…



Wonderful concept and execution. BNS never ceases to amaze with especially with their ever-so-lightly tug towards the, dare i say, childish side of design. I mean that only in that this aerials of the city look straight out of an illustration from candy land and the typography of the objects are so nostalgic of the eighties.. I absolutely love it!


I guess they saw Antoine Bardou-Jacquet Musicvideo The Child for Alex Gopher (2000) as well as Jeffrey Shaw´s Legible City (1988).

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See antoine bardou jacquet’s “the child”
They even ripped-off some exact ideas, the tunnel etc.



mmm, the post is great! the concept is good (not great)! but somehow, the messgae is lost, I think someone mis-interpreted the idea somewhere along the ‘road’, I’m left going “that’s a cool ad, but I’m not left inspired or motivated to buy into the message never mind the product” I feel that Because of the advances in post, the Public are less blown away by imaginative post (because of the standard of epic hollywood post) and I think need to be drawn in by imaginative concepts…that are glued well, by good post…I’ve seen far more reaching ads, done with half the budget (post).


man… BNS is simply rad! such nice work blending the live action and superb typographical ideas. out of the trendy shops these days, BNS is one that doesn’t fool around when it comes to design. with a CD like jens Gehlhaar, freacking amazing designer in his own right, one couldn’t expect less than the dazzling, amazing wonders coming out of that place. love the presentation as well. LONG LIVE BNS!


its funny to see people from other motion houses going off about appropriation simply because…
THEYR JEALOUS!!! get wit da program! BNS RULEZZ FOREVER!!!


^^^wow, listen to this fanboy.
They’re merely adding their opinion, last I checked, we’re allowed to do that.

By the way, Psyop is better…


This spot isn’t bad though.
Good job BNS.


The idea wasn’t particularly unique when it was done by the other artists either. I’m not annoyed by the idea of having type in the world around a car. It’s not a particularly unique concept, but the execution is beautiful. Also I thought the roadkill bit was chuckle-worthy.

One thing I thought was interesting was the lack of 3D in a lot of the type treatments. It looked like it was mostly done as 2D layers arranged in 3D, which gives it a very unique look. More design-centric work like this is always cooler than “realistic” fx.


nice job. really cool visuals. The always amaze me with thier style which is all thier own.
I was trying to read everything, which kept me distracted.
Doesn’t make me want to buy a Toyota, but I would welcome this spot in place of a Fitness Made Simple spot anyday.


mate, they even admit to the agency being inspired by that spot.. check out the verbage right underneath the videos…

“The basic premise of the campaign is that the highly evolved new Toyota Camry can “read the roadâ€Â?, with its many computer-controlled features including rain and light sensors, ABS, VSC, EBD, VDM etc. Anyway, the agency looked at H5’s legendary Alex Gopher video and realized that there was something else that could be done with the idea â€â€? which is where we came in. Together, we developed the concept of shooting complete plates with the car on a location and then, step by step, replacing whatever is necessary to tell the story with words. “


travis, you´re right, I should RTFM ;)


nicely executed.. BUT BORING! Cant watch all the way through.


the concept is garbage.


Is it me or do Americans have no taste whatsoever. That ad looks really bad. No style. Sorry… prove me wrong…

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