Greg C. pointed me towards the work of designer Kim Dulaney earlier today; her storyboards and illustrations are to kill for. Beautifully hand-created, each project… Read more

Spread some holiday cheer

Not really a post about motion graphics (although there is some, nothing to talk about), this is just a fun and silly way to spread… Read more

Brooklyn Digital Foundry Helps out OMA

I’ve always loved the field of architectural visualization. Traditionally, archviz has been dominated by static 2D and 3D representations of proposed structures, but it’s increasingly… Read more

Le Soupe: Europe 2 TV

Some of the work in Le Soupe’s montage of IDs for Europe 2 TV really gets under my skin. Sorry. Bad joke. But hey, the… Read more

New Feature on Perception

A couple months ago, Jeremy Lasky (Design Director) and Danny Gonzalez (Effects Director) of NYC-based studio Perception visited the Savannah College of Art and Design… Read more

Perception: More Than Meets the Eye

One of Perception’s early concepts Playing with 3D space Another early concept using scale to create visual interest Animation test, experimenting with pacing and camera… Read more

Ruffmercy updates

Ruffmercy brings the hotness with his latest update, including a fresh ’06 reel.

G’RAFFE updates

The talented G’RAFFE updates and sets off around the world before starting his new job at Buck. Good luck Gareth!

Psyop for Motley Bird

Psyop back again with more goodness, all in line with the psyop style. It’s some kind of new energy drink called Motley Bird. Impressive, as… Read more

Spontaneous Snail

This one speaks for itself. Thanks to Lawrence for the tip!

Lux Provocateur

This new commercial by Bent Image Lab for Lux soap is a stop motion beauty, but there is another element of quality to it that… Read more

MK12 update!

I was losing hope, sadly. But my unsatisfied appetite for mk12 has been temporarily assuaged. There is a new trailer for ‘History of America‘, and… Read more